What A Success in Wealthy Affiliate

One of our premium members, JohnMiguel has achieved a new record commission day for himself for Euro 506 in one day on July 1st 2016.

Here is what he posted on his blog a couple of days ago, congratulation to John!

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"A new record for a single day for me! The best I have made before in one single day is around 350 Euro max.

And it is all thanks to WA!

This place is where I learned how to do this and it feels crazy that something that felt so hard when I started out is so "easy" now and make so much sense. I mean this money just came to me on auto-pilot because of something I wrote back in January 🙂

That is awesome!

The problem now is to get the time to realize all the ideas that the online world (with endless opportunities) offers 🙂

To all of you who just have started out and are in your first couple of months here on WA, DO NOT give up!!

Staying consistent and having patience is your key to get where you want!

If you got those 2 nothing can stop you!

The only one who can stop you is YOU."

What a beautiful day for an income of Euro 506 in one day!


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