"Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

If you're looking to get rich quick then yes Wealthy Affiliate is a scam …….

If you're willing to work hard on your website, learn with the exceptional training and get involved with the wonderful community then no Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam!

If you are just now signing up with WA then get involved, Have a real good look around and you will see that this is absolutely the best place to be to learn how to generate a legit income online.

The reason that some feel that WA is a scam is because they sign up and don't show up – It is easy to sign up and to not do anything then to make themselves feel better they simply say that it's a scam.

It happens within the online networking community to many other companies as well and not just to Wealthy Affiliate

When you not only sign up but show up then you will see that WA is indeed legit and not a scam.

Thank you Friends for taking the time to view and comment below with how long that You have been with Wealthy Affiliate and your experience so far."

Conclusion? WA is NOT a Scam


Let me share with you another live case:

During July 4 2016, an 18 years old kid (not exactly 18 yet), Ian, has made his first commission after 2 months joined WA, he follow step by step training  from Wealthy Affiliate training program, he work hard for his commission, he is not waiting for the money dropping the sky, his commission is only $0.50, not 5 millions, but he has faith in the program, I am sure he will be another member who can make big in WA.

See what he posted here, or follow the link to his original post.

"Success! Proof That Affiliate Marketing Works!


I checked my Amazon account this morning, and found that I had earned a commission fee on the 4th of July, 3 days ago!

The commission fee was $0.50. Low yes, but proof that affiliate marketing works.

I'm really excited about this because:

  1. I wanted proof that affiliate marketing works for me. And I got proof!
  2. I started out on WA with zero knowledge nearly 2 months ago (54 days to be exact), and have already seen my first success!
  3. I felt my age was really holding me back, because so many things within the world of affiliate marketing require you to be at least 18. Now I know I can be successful, even though I'm not yet 18.
  4. I was considering abandoning my affiliate marketing ventures altogether, because I was seeing absolutely no results, and the $47/month for Premium on WA is almost all my money. This sale has given me hope, and from now on I shall not look back.

I must thank everyone who has helped me here – without all your help, this would have, of course, been impossible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Wishing you success!



So, do you still think Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?