Hello WA Family

How are you today?

Today, I just received an affiliate commission of $90.00 from one of the affiliate products that I promoted!!

Oh my God!! I feel so good and excited…. Yay!! :))


To add to that "excitement", I have 2 good news too:-

1) My eldest daughter's this month pay is S$6,800 (From her full-time job's pay and also part-time projects commissions)

And so, she gave some great "pocket money" to both my hubby and myself. :))

2) Last month, my eldest son also received his first month's pay of S$3,000+ and he also gave us some "pocket money". :))


As such, I am super happy today; and I feel very blessed too … and the fact that I can share my joy with my dear friends here at WA is just wonderful…